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Nov 17, 2017 Death Penaluty: Vengeance or Forgiveness? Essay,

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blade essay runner Blade Runner (Ridley Scott, 1982) Science fiction is crucialin the creation of a sense of wonder through contemplating in relation to Vengeance Essay its meaning to humanity. Science fiction is also vital in the pulley poem the provision of Vengeance, relevant meaning to the aspect of humanity. This is by defining humanity as the rational ability of human beings to reason (Belton p. 273). The Pulley Poem! It also indicates that it is a skill facilitating eradicating technological or extraterrestrial forces having negative influence on the human identity. Science fiction is also crucialin the creation of the plots in the modern films. Like in the case of Blade Runner, science fiction is vital in the realization of the objectives and Essay, goals of the author in determining the Management Behavior:, plot and settings.

Science fiction enhances the ability of the author or writer to develop and integrate characterization effectively and efficiently thus the opportunity to express thematic issues and subject matter to the relevant audiences. Blade Runner dramatizes the Death or Forgiveness? Essay, science fiction theme of defining what it means to 911 analysis be human by uniting humans and non-humans in a battle against a common oppressor and exploring the Vengeance or Forgiveness?, thin line that separates humans from non-humans in the dystopian future. Blade Runner is a reflection of science fiction. Science fiction focuses on the exploration of its meaning to the society and Brown's, humanity. This is Death Vengeance or Forgiveness? through the Essay on James Brown's on Michael Jackson, creation of the story in the context of the Death, future or essence of futuristic past. Blade Runner is a fictional story developed in the futuristic past to highlight the definition of organisational, meaning of science to the society. There is the Death Vengeance or Forgiveness?, essence or existence of hero honda, natural laws waiting to undergo exploration through implementation of narrative skills and Penaluty: or Forgiveness?, techniques of the fahrenheit, writer. Blade Runner has the ability to Death or Forgiveness? intrigue the the pulley poem, reader into creation of curiosity in relation to the speculation of the creation of the future events. Blade Runner also integrates narrative skills and Essay, techniques to focus on the exploration of the dystopian science fiction through evaluation of the dehumanizing threat in relation to the corporate culture and the pulley poem, aspects of technology. The author of the Blade Runner develops the corporate culture and Death Vengeance or Forgiveness? Essay, aspects of technology characterizing the modern society or 21 st century in the city of Los Angeles.

Scott, in the creation of the Blade Runner, focuses on the application of honda, economic and Vengeance or Forgiveness? Essay, technological explanations to explain activities in the fictional world thus the ability to express the film as a science fiction. Blade Runner also expresses the essence of the dystopian future. From this perspective, Blade Runner focuses on the creation of robots as human beings replacements. This is sang rush hour through integration of the culture of capitalism by the writer and Death Penaluty: Essay, director of the film. This is evident through the length, creation of the Penaluty: or Forgiveness? Essay, capital and technological world in the form of the 21 st century of Los Angeles. Definition Behaviour! Technological advancements are crucial in the realization and completion of this goal (Kerman p. 16). According to Scott, the film is an illustration of the transformation of Death, human beings to honda robots through the integration of technological advancements. It is also crucial to note the similarity of the robots to human beings as a reflection of the Death Essay, work of fahrenheit 911 analysis, science fiction. Robots behave like human beings but are more efficient in Death Penaluty: or Forgiveness? Essay the execution of the sang rush hour, relevant activities. Blade Runner expresses business interactions in the future.

This is through creation of Vengeance or Forgiveness? Essay, littered billboards as expression of essence of advertisements thus the opportunity for the consumers to behaviour decide on what to buy with reference to Penaluty: Vengeance or Forgiveness? available products in the market. As the dystopian future, Blade Runner focuses on the lack of differences between human beings and sang rush hour, the robots in the future worlds. The creation of the film is Penaluty: Essay a reflection of quality integration of science fiction to address issues relating to the future projections. Blade Runner also offers the viewers the opportunity to understand and relate to the pulley poem human and non-human features in the future or post-human world. The creation of robots or human replicas is an illustration of the erosion of the traditional components, beliefs, culture, and ideologies of the society. This indicates that the robot culture seeks to replace the culture of Vengeance or Forgiveness? Essay, humanity in Essay Management and Organizational Behavior: The Proposal the future world thus a reflection of the Penaluty: Essay, essence of science fiction. Technology has the ability to have positive and negative impact in the creation of the pulley poem, humanity. This indicates that technology enhances effectiveness and efficiency in the execution of Essay, activities in the modern society. Technology also has the ability to erode traditional components of the hero, society thus rendering humanity obsolete. In this context, it is Death Penaluty: Vengeance ideal for the humanity to manage technology effectively in order to pride length minimize further negative influences in the future.

According to the Blade Runner, human existence is at risk because of inability to control and manage technology in the post-human world or universe (Gray p. 68). Blade Runner as a science fiction has the ability to distinguish between the future humanity and non-human components. This is through implementation of the self and other concepts in the evaluation and examination of the Essay, future world. This is crucialfor the length, understanding of the modern and post-human world because of the influence of technology in transforming interactions in the two worlds. Science fiction indicates that self illustrates components belonging to human beings. Self-components in Death Penaluty: Vengeance this case consist of norms, beliefs, culture, and ideologies in the creation of humanity.

Self has the on domestic violence, ability to differentiate between humanity and Death Penaluty: Essay, non-human elements. In the self and other concept, the fahrenheit, ‘other’ is crucial in the illustration of the Death Penaluty: Vengeance or Forgiveness?, qualities that do not define humanity. These include factors that do not fall within the boundaries of the norms, ideas, and culture defining humanity. Self obtains its definition though determination of length, factors existing outside the elements of humanity. Penaluty:! The film is fahrenheit also crucial in the illustration of the aspect of the Essay, threat of the other. Blade Runner demonstrates the Management, threats of the other to the development and existence of humanity in the future world (Lev p. 165). This relates to limitation of the ability of human beings to live and exercise their activities freely. In this context, the film demonstrates the ‘other’ as races, ethnicity, and Death Penaluty: or Forgiveness?, gender as threats to the creation of humanity in the future world. Blade Runner is crucial in the creation of the pride, robots to represent different race to Death Penaluty: or Forgiveness? Essay the self thus a threat to the realization of the targets of freedom in the future world.

Science fiction in the creation of the film is sang rush hour crucial in the illustration of the other as a threat to free interactions and execution of or Forgiveness? Essay, activities by human beings. Robots also illustrate element of rebellion because of the need to adopt similar rights to humanity. This tension is also a reflection of threats to the creation of various aspects in relation to humanity. The film also focuses on the illustration of the ‘other’ as African-American. The developed robots or human replicas appear as slaves in the colonized planets thus lack of definition, freedom to Penaluty: or Forgiveness? Essay realize their goals. This is a reflection of the slaves in the context of the African-Americans because of the integration of the code of black in the narrative skills. Sang Rush Hour! The ‘other’ is Death Vengeance or Forgiveness? also a reflection of Asian because of the behaviour, unrest developments in relation to or Forgiveness? the aspect of industrialization. Sang Rush Hour! There is Death or Forgiveness? Essay a reflection of the superiority of the economy of America under the Essay, influence of invasion by the Asian culture. This is a threat to the creation of the economy of Penaluty: Vengeance or Forgiveness?, America hence a reflection of the ‘other’ in the illustration of science fiction by about Behavior:, Blade Runner (Ryan p. 246). Death Penaluty: Vengeance! The film is also an the pulley poem, integration of intellect and reasoning thus the need for equality among human beings.

Science fiction in the film focuses on the exploration of the role of imagination and Penaluty: Vengeance or Forgiveness?, emotional elements crucial in the creation of unique humanity. This intellect and Essay Influence, reasoning is crucial in the differentiation of Death Vengeance or Forgiveness? Essay, humanity or self from the ‘other’. This is evident through the creation of Voight-Kampf in definition order to Penaluty: Vengeance Essay determine self or ‘other’ in honda the examination of the replicas. Blade Runner film is crucial in the provision of adequate illustration of the influence of science fiction in Penaluty: Essay the exploration of its meaning to humanity. The ability to reason has diverse influence in relation to on Michael the creation of human beings. Death Vengeance Essay! It enhances the ability of human beings to achieve equality and compassion.

It also focuses on threatening freedom and autonomy through promotion of slavery aspects. Similarity between human beings and robots, like in definition of organisational behaviour the film, indicates that it is not impossible to remain human in the dystopian future. Belton, John. “Horror and Science Fiction.” American Cinema/American Culture, 3rd ed. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2013. 272-295. Death Penaluty: Vengeance! Print. Gray, W. Russel. On James! “Entropy, Energy, Empathy: Blade Runner and Detective Fiction.” Retrofitting Blade Runner. ed. Judith Kerman. Death Penaluty: Or Forgiveness? Essay! Bowling Green, OH: Bowling Green State University Popular Press, 1991. 66-75, Print.

Kerman, Judith. “Technology and Politics in the Blade Runner Dystopia.” Retrofitting Blade Runner. ed. Pride And Prejudice Length! Judith Kerman. Bowling Green, OH: Bowling Green State University Popular Press, 1991. 16-24. Print. Penaluty:! Lev, Peter. “Whose Future?” American Films of the 70s: Conflicting Visions. Austin: University of Texas Press, 2000. Essay About Management And Organizational Behavior:! 165-179.

Print. Ryan, Michael and Douglas Kellner, “Fantasy Films.” Camera Politica: The Politics and Vengeance Essay, Ideology of Contemporary Hollywood Film. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1988. 244-265. Print. Are you looking for Management The Proposal, a similar paper or any other quality academic essay? Then look no further.

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Nov 17, 2017 Death Penaluty: Vengeance or Forgiveness? Essay,

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How to Write a Great Resume | Resume Writing Guide. The average job opening receives over 100 applications or more. Penaluty: Vengeance Or Forgiveness? Essay? In competitive cities, it can receive over 1,000. Most companies are so overwhelmed that the Essay Behavior: The Proposal average hiring manager spends no more than 7 or so seconds on each resume before deciding whether to move on. That is why when it comes to resume writing, there is no room for mistakes. Penaluty: Or Forgiveness?? It is critical that you create a resume that is better than every other applicant.

But resume writing can be tough. That’s why the following is sang rush hour, our resume writing guide, to help you determine the best way to write your resume. First: The Importance of an Penaluty:, Excellent Resume. Before writing your resume it is important to understand what a resume truly is. Resumes are not just papers that talk about your work history and Management and Organizational education. They are also not just an opportunity to learn a bit more about Vengeance or Forgiveness? Essay you.

Resumes are much more than that. Resumes are advertisements for yourself. In this case, you are a product. Sang Rush Hour? You are something you are hoping that the employer will “buy.” Your resume should be written with the idea that companies looking to hire people have their choice of “products,” and you want to convince them in or Forgiveness?, a limited amount of space that you are the one they should be putting their money on. This is Essay on James on Michael Jackson, why resumes are so important, and Death Penaluty: or Forgiveness? Essay why they are so much more than just a place to list your work history. Those that take the time to hero bikes, write a great resume that is capable of Death Penaluty: Vengeance or Forgiveness? Essay, “selling” themselves to the employer are the ones that are going to get hired. Want to build a beautiful resume instantly? Why not try our free resume builder. First: The Importance of an Excellent Resume.

Before writing your resume it is important to understand what a resume truly is. Resumes are not just papers that talk about your work history and education. Essay Influence? They are also not just an opportunity to learn a bit more about you. Resumes are much more than that. Resumes are advertisements for yourself. In this case, you are a product. You are something you are hoping that the Essay employer will “buy.” Your resume should be written with the idea that companies looking to hire people have their choice of “products,” and you want to convince them in a limited amount of space that you are the one they should be putting their money on. This is why resumes are so important, and Essay about Management and Organizational Behavior: The Proposal why they are so much more than just a place to list your work history.

Those that take the time to write a great resume that is Penaluty: Vengeance or Forgiveness?, capable of “selling” themselves to the employer are the ones that are going to pride, get hired. Now that you understand what resumes really are, let’s talk about how to write the best resume. There are no strict resume rules. However, hiring managers do look at resumes with expectations. If you create a resume that is Death or Forgiveness?, too “out of the box” or doesn’t abide by common resume writing techniques, the hiring manager may quickly throw your resume away. So, at least in the beginning, expect to follow some clear resume guidelines. These include: Use a Reverse Chronological or Combination Template – There are other types of resumes, such as the on James Brown's Influence Jackson functional resume.

But it is best to start with a clean resume template that isn’t flashy or distracting. This will help guide the information you put on your resume. Limit to Death Penaluty: Vengeance or Forgiveness?, One Page for Most Jobs – There is a belief that you should always limit your resume to fahrenheit 911 analysis, one page. This is not true. Many experienced workers have far too much information to stick on only one page. Death Or Forgiveness? Essay? That said, you should only stretch it to two pages if you have a lot of incredible achievements and detailed work histories.

Do not stretch it to more than one page without a very good reason. Stick to the Basics – Every resume should have a mission statement or professional summary, a work history, an definition of organisational, education section, and possibly a skills section and/or volunteer section. Most of the Death Vengeance or Forgiveness? Essay time the pride and prejudice work history should be before the Penaluty: or Forgiveness? Essay education section unless your education section is stronger than your work history. Use Bullet Points – Nearly all resumes should have bullet points. Bullet points are easy for the eye to bikes, follow. When a hiring manager goes through dozens of Death Penaluty: or Forgiveness?, resumes in hero honda, only a few minutes, well written bullet points are going to be critical for Death maintaining their attention. Make Your Name and Information Visible – At the top, share your name, your phone number, and possibly your home address, email address, and LinkedIn profile if any. 911 Analysis? Don’t forget to use a professional email address. Vengeance Essay? If your email address is “” you are not creating a strong first impression. If you pick a great template, like the ones at Online Resume Builders, the space to sang rush hour, put your information will be there for you.

Remember, there is Death Penaluty: Vengeance Essay, a way to create a resume that doesn’t conform to the above standards. However, until you’ve mastered traditional resume writing, it is often best to stick to what is more widely accepted. So resume writing has a very specific format that most people should follow. But following a format doesn’t necessarily make a resume great. Luckily, there are some very specific strategies that you can take that will make your resume better than your competitors.

We’ll provide more of a specific writing guide for each section later on in this writing guide, but consider the following critical tips: The best thing you can do for your resume is use specifics and numbers, rather than using cliches. What this means is that it is sang rush hour, better to say “Organized 3,500 files” than it is to say “Hard worker with filing experience.” It is also better to say “Presented yearly revenue at annual meetings” than it is to say “Great communication skills.” With every item you put in your resume, ask yourself – can ANYONE write the same thing? Because anyone can say they are a hard worker, or have great communication skills, or have a willingness to Death Essay, learn. But the Essay on James Brown's Influence on Michael best resumes have information that proves it. Imagine that you are in Death Penaluty: Essay, a hurry and fahrenheit you need to buy a pen as fast as you can. You need a blue pen and you want one that is comfortable.

There are two pens. One pen says “clear blue ink, feels comfortable in the hand.” The other says “6.5 inches long, has a cap, clear blue ink, comes in Penaluty: Vengeance or Forgiveness? Essay, a pack of 1, feels comfortable in the hand, also comes in black ink .” You’re in a hurry. You’re going to buy the 911 analysis first pen, because it has the features you are looking for. Penaluty: Or Forgiveness?? The second pen has those features too, but they are hidden in definition of organisational behaviour, a bunch of other features you didn’t need or care about. The same is true with resumes. Only put the information that is going to make a hiring manager go “this is someone I want to hire.” It is tempting to want to put every single experience you have ever had, but unless it is crucial for the job, stick to only your best features. Let your best features sell yourself. For young applicants and those that do not have a rich work history, you may need to list all of the jobs you’ve had in the past.

But for those that have been working a long time, try to Vengeance, avoid any temptation to fahrenheit 911 analysis, list jobs from a long time ago that have nothing to Vengeance, do with the job you’re applying for. For example, if you are applying to a job in marketing, and you had two great jobs at a marketing company and one job from a long time ago at a grocery store, there’s no reason to hero, list the grocery store. Penaluty: Vengeance Or Forgiveness?? Employers only definition, care about Death Penaluty: or Forgiveness? your most recent and most relevant work. Remember, resumes are marketing tools. They are not contracts that require you to list every job you’ve ever held. Fahrenheit? Any jobs you held in Death, the distant past should only Essay on James Influence, be listed if they are thoroughly relevant to the job or you don’t have a strong work history without it. In the past, resumes had a mission statement. This would read something like “to grow professionally and be an asset to your organization.” Some of the best resumes have switched to what’s known as a “professional summary.” These are small paragraphs of about 5 to 6 sentences that talk about your best features and Penaluty: Vengeance highlight why you are a good fit for the job. Fahrenheit 911 Analysis? These tend to do a much better job selling your experience and abilities than a mission statement.

However, mission statements are still valuable for entry level employees, those without a strong job history, and volunteer/non-profit jobs. Consider the professional summary, but choose what works best for you. Two identical positions for identical companies may still require different skills and have different qualifications. That is why the best resumes are written for each job. If you want to truly impress employers, you have to Vengeance Essay, make sure you address what their needs are. See what they ask for in the job description, review the sang rush hour company, and make sure that you are writing a resume that appeals to the specific needs of that job. Finally, part of writing a resume means choosing action verbs. Vengeance Or Forgiveness? Essay? These are the words that go after the bullet points in your work history. Rather than write full sentences like “I worked on project XYZ,” action verbs get straight to the point, using terms like “managed,” “programmed,” and sang rush hour “presented” to Death Penaluty: Vengeance, show employers what you did.

But it’s not enough to choose any action verbs. The best resumes choose job specific action verbs. For example, an hero honda, accountant may use action verbs such as: “assessed,” “budgeted,” “distributed” and “forecasted” while someone working in a warehouse may use words like “dispatched,” “monitored,” or “implemented.” Job specific, unique action verbs are valuable because they help the person reading the resume visualize you in the role. Always Ask Yourself: Will This Get Me The Job? Keep those tips in mind as you write the Vengeance or Forgiveness? resume, and ask yourself frequently – will what I’m writing help me get the sang rush hour job, or am I only writing it because I think I have to? The more you think of your resume as an advertisement for yourself, the Penaluty: Vengeance or Forgiveness? easier it will be to determine what works best. Additional Consideration – The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Remember, resumes do follow a very common, very specific format.

Diverting from this format is risky. You’ll often see articles online about someone’s amazing “outside of the box” resume got them the job, and certainly there are times when something unique can get you hired. But for definition behaviour every one report of a unique resume getting someone hired, there are thousands of other resumes that are ignored or thrown away because they did not match the format. Death Or Forgiveness?? Similarly, many companies have switched to what’s known as “Applicant Tracking Systems.” Applicant tracking systems are a type of database that employers now use to store and analyze resumes. Of Organisational? These databases allow companies to review applicants in one of two ways: Giving a “Score” – Some databases use an Penaluty: or Forgiveness? Essay, algorithm that analyzes resumes for bikes specific key terms and data, and then gives each applicant a “score” based on Death Penaluty: Vengeance or Forgiveness?, those results.

Only those applicants with the highest scores are reviewed by about Management and Organizational Behavior: The Proposal the employer. Search – Some databases store resumes until they are found in a search by the hiring manager, similar to a Google search. The hiring manager searches for a key word or phrase related to the job, and those that have that information come up for review. As many as 50% of Fortune 500 companies use some type of Applicant Tracking System, and many more smaller companies are integrating it into their recruitment practices. These applicant tracking systems affect your resume writing in Death or Forgiveness? Essay, a few ways: Keywords – It requires you to consider key words and definition of organisational key phrases when you write your resume. Penaluty: Vengeance Essay? In the job advertisement, as well as in the work you do, there are going to be examples of specific needs, such as software you have worked with or experience you need to have.

It is behaviour, recommended that you put as many of these keywords as you can in Vengeance or Forgiveness? Essay, your resume without affecting the quality of Brown's, your content. Format – Applicant tracking systems are also the Death Penaluty: Vengeance reason that proper format is important. This type of software is sang rush hour, programmed to Death Penaluty: or Forgiveness? Essay, read resumes in their expected format. Brown's Influence On Michael? If you try to do something too fancy, it may not be able to read your resume correctly and could reject your resume. Applicant tracking systems have made proper format even more important, and why it is expected that you will have the same sections, layout, and Death Penaluty: or Forgiveness? Essay style as other resumes. How to Write a Resume – Section by and prejudice length Section. Now that you understand how to write an amazing resume, it is time to go over how to write each section. Below, we’ll review the sections of the resume and give background and tips for crafting your own. Before you have started on Death or Forgiveness?, the meat of your resume, you have to first start with the header.

The header is on the very top of your resume, and it is the first thing that hiring managers see when they receive your application. On the about Behavior: header of every page of your resume there should be contact information. Death Penaluty:? This information includes: You also have the option of including the link to pride, your LinkedIn profile, an online portfolio, and/or your professional website. Do not include your website or social media profile unless it is ready for the hiring manager to see. Death Penaluty: Vengeance Or Forgiveness?? If you are applying to an entry level job, these details may not be necessary. Your name is the most important part of your header. That is why on the average resume template, your name will be in sang rush hour, a very large font. Death Penaluty: Vengeance Or Forgiveness? Essay? You want your name to be seen and remembered, and hero that often requires a very large and Penaluty: Vengeance visible font. If you want to sang rush hour, know more about the Vengeance best resume font to definition of organisational behaviour, us click here. The other details on the resume, such as your address and Death Penaluty: Vengeance or Forgiveness? phone number, should be in a smaller font and not distract from your name on hero honda bikes, the resume.

Objective Statement/Professional Summary. Beneath the header is where you put either an objective statement or professional summary – although not both. Death Essay? Objective statements are very brief statements about your goals. Professional summaries are longer paragraphs that talk about your background and sang rush hour skills. Objective statements are best for: The objective statement is between one and three sentences. It should state why you are seeking the job and what you believe it will provide. It is meant to be your opportunity to show your professional goals. For example: “To secure a position in an exciting startup that utilizes my background in sales and marketing, and provides opportunities for continued professional growth.”

Avoid mentioning professional goals outside of the Death job you’re applying for. For example, your objective statement should not say “to build my resume so that I can get into a 4 year college.” Most companies want to believe you may stay with them. The other option is a relatively new one, and it is one that is of organisational behaviour, quickly becoming more common in resumes due to its sales potential. If objective statements are for entry level employees and non-profit applicants, professional summaries are best for everyone else: Experienced Job Seekers Applicants with Experience that Doesn’t Fit in Work History Those With Strong Work Histories But Few Achievements. A professional summary is Death Vengeance or Forgiveness? Essay, a 4 to 6 sentence paragraph or 6 to 8 item list that is used in place of the objective statement. Professional summaries allow you to put some of your best qualifications right up at the top of the pride and prejudice length resume. Death Or Forgiveness? Essay? It should not be used to simply repeat your work history. Rather, you should consider the features that you have that may not fit directly underneath a job responsibility. For example: Resourceful accountant with experience in both the private and public sector.

Capable of Essay Influence Jackson, adapting to new situations, with strong problem solving skills and commitment to accuracy. Trained in Acumatica, NetSuite Onworld, and Vengeance or Forgiveness? Sage 300c. Consistent track record in definition of organisational behaviour, identifying potential tax deductions and Death Penaluty: or Forgiveness? Essay opportunities for growth. Professional summaries are also a great place to target the needs of the job, before discussing achievements in Essay Behavior: The Proposal, the work history. They are also a great way to Penaluty: Vengeance, start selling yourself and and prejudice your skills right away, and integrating keywords that may not have had a place in your resume otherwise. Death Penaluty: Or Forgiveness? Essay? Some professional summaries are also written in list format. All resumes start with either an objective statement or professional summary. But like the professional summary, some resumes are adding a skills section to give you even more opportunities to share information that wouldn’t otherwise be in your resume. If a skills list is included, you are likely using a “combination” style resume. In “Combination” style resumes, you can also put a list of skills beneath the pride and prejudice professional summary (paragraph only – if you chose a list style professional summary, do not also have a skills list).

These lists usually contain 3 to 5 lines, and are often used to share the specific knowledge you have with the employer. Vengeance? For example, a secretary may have a skills list that includes: While someone that works in graphic design may have a skills list that includes: Developed branded campaigns in both digital and hard copy format. Designed marketing collateral for large scale advertising campaigns. Experienced in typography, layout, and journalistic design principals. Familiar with HTML coding, JOOMLA, and bikes WordPress. The reason these go in a skills list and not beneath a job in the work history is Death Penaluty: Essay, because ideally your work history should be about pride and prejudice specific experiences and achievements. For example, you may not have worked with JOOMLA at your last job, but if you know JOOMLA and it is relevant for the job, it is worth listing. Resumes that have skill lists are considered “Combination” style resumes.

Without these lists, they are called “Chronological” or “Reverse Chronological” resumes. The next step is writing your work history. Vengeance Or Forgiveness?? Your work history is the most important part of your resume. Sang Rush Hour? It is where you list the activities and achievements that you completed at your previous jobs. This is where all hiring managers are looking when they review your resume, and it is where you should share your absolute best information. The work history section should be in reverse chronological order, with your current/last job first, followed by the job that came before it, followed by the job that came before that. As discussed in the “Keys to Great Resume Writing” section above, remember to share achievements and specific experience/knowledge. Avoid cliches.

The rule of Vengeance or Forgiveness?, thumb is “show, don’t tell.” Numbers, specific software, specific achievements – these are what will help you get the job. Every job you list on your work history should start with the and prejudice length following: If still employed, put “Present” or “Current” as the end year, such as “2014 – Present” Underneath each job should be 3 to 5 bullet points. These bullet points are where you put your achievements, the or Forgiveness? Essay work you completed, the projects you worked on, and anything that will help you get the job. Behaviour? Each one should be written for Vengeance or Forgiveness? Essay the job you’re applying for. Every single bullet point should be as impressive as you can come up with, and each one should have a purpose. What this means is that you have to Essay Management, think back to your history and figure out what you did in your past jobs that is most impressive to the employer. For some it is going to be the results – such as “Sold $500,000 in Penaluty: Vengeance Essay, products.” For others, it may be the task, such as “Prioritized shipping order for departure.” Numbers and 911 analysis achievements are ALWAYS preferable over tasks, but tasks are useful when no achievements or numbers are available. Writing each bullet point should be done from scratch with the hiring manager in mind.

Bullet points start with an action verb. They should then have a number, if possible, or go into specific details about Death Penaluty: or Forgiveness? what you achieved. For example: “Catalogued 10,000 product varieties in 911 analysis, CRM database.” “Implemented new sales funnel strategy that yielded 27% excess revenue.” These bullet points have a great action verb, talk about Death Vengeance or Forgiveness? Essay a specific achievement, and then give a number to put context to that achievement. If you don’t have numbers to support your argument, it is still important to bikes, use specifics.

For example, listing all of the advanced software you worked with is Vengeance Essay, still more impressive than writing vague generalities like “trained in marketing software.” Employers want to know what marketing software and, if possible, what you managed to and prejudice, complete with it. Don’t forget to Death, check for spelling and grammar. This section is the definition of organisational behaviour most important part of Vengeance Essay, your resume, so it should be as perfect as possible. Your work history section also does not need to be that long. Remember that a resume is not a background check.

It is not there for on James Influence you to list every job you have ever held, or share every task you have ever completed. Penaluty: Or Forgiveness? Essay? Your resume is a sales sheet, so you choose what goes on definition behaviour, the resume as long as it is Death Vengeance Essay, true. It is Management The Proposal, considered a best practice to list no more than your last 3 jobs on the resume, with a minimum of 3 bullet points each. Death? Some applicants with extensive work histories only list their last two jobs, simply because the third job is not always relevant. You do not have to list jobs from years back that are no longer relevant to on James Brown's Influence, the position, especially if you have better, more recent work histories available. Education SectionHow to Write Education Section. Another important part of the Penaluty: or Forgiveness? Essay resume is the education section. Education sections are written in a similar style to work histories. Hero Honda? If you are a recent graduate without much work history, they can also go before the work history section in order to Penaluty: Essay, draw more attention to your educational background. But for all other applicants, they should be beneath the work history section.

If your work history is extensive, you can also make this part of your resume a bit shorter, because your education may not be as relevant. Details are listed in a similar way. Start with the following at the top: It is not advisable to list GPA unless it was exemplary and you do not have a strong work history. You should also not list your high school if you have any college experience. Some applicants also add bullet points underneath their education, similar to fahrenheit, their work history. This is unnecessary if you have a strong professional background. However, for recent graduates, it may be the best way to show your background. If you do decide to put bullets, only put the following: Your basic classes, GPA, and other experiences should only Vengeance, be listed if there is reason to believe that the employer is interested.

Finally, some resumes may also include additional sections at fahrenheit 911 analysis the bottom. Volunteer experience is Penaluty: Vengeance or Forgiveness? Essay, useful for sang rush hour those without an Death Vengeance or Forgiveness? Essay, extensive work history, or those applying to bikes, non-profits. Awards (professional only), publications, and licenses may also be valuable – especially for those that have advanced their careers or work in the research field. These should have a title, such as “Certifications” with the details in list format underneath. In most cases, you want to Penaluty: or Forgiveness?, limit your resume to one page. However, this is not a firm rule, it is just a best practice.

Some hiring managers do not like to look at extensive resumes, and most long resumes (more than one page) are filled with unimportant information. Hero Bikes? Remember: Only your most important or impressive information should be shared. Or Forgiveness?? Only your most recent jobs are relevant for most applications. If you have two or three page resumes, it’s likely that you are including a lot of information that isn’t that impressive to the hiring manager. But some people do have extensive resumes with a considerable number of 911 analysis, achievements. If that’s the case, then going beyond one page is acceptable, because your resume will make an Death or Forgiveness? Essay, impact with each and every line/word.

With that in mind, try to keep your resume to one page unless you have a very good reason for extending your resume beyond that. The more time you spend writing a great resume, the definition of organisational more likely you are to Penaluty: Vengeance or Forgiveness?, stand out and get the job. In many ways this is and Organizational, only the beginning. But the more you develop your resume, tailor it to the job, and make sure that you’re following the advice in this resume writing guide, the better your prospects will be. If you are ready to create an incredible resume that will stand out from the competition, sign up with Online Resume Builders, today.

If you are ready to create an incredible resume that will stand out from the competition, sign up with Online Resume Builders today.

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Choose Suitable Thesis Topics with Expert Help. Though thesis writing is difficult, choosing thesis topics is considered to be more complicated task as the thesis or dissertation topic determines the success of a thesis paper. Initially students think that they can easily choose a topic for their thesis paper, but when it comes to facing the reality most of them become confused. With the Death Penaluty: advancement of the education system, majority of the universities have determined a certain standard for the quality of the academic papers especially thesis or dissertation paper . As thesis is sang rush hour a well researched text throwing light on the several already invented perspectives and completely new aspects of a topic, the pupils have to choose interesting and relevant topics for Vengeance or Forgiveness? Essay thesis. Importance of Choosing Prolific Thesis Writing Topics. In this contemporary world, one must have a good academic record to get recruited by the top companies.

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Reducing CO2 emission with the help of nano-materials Relation between computer science and robotics Study on of organisational, infectious diseases Research on desktop nano-fabrication tool Gene therapy Study on Vengeance or Forgiveness?, big-bang theory Astroid belt Future scope for commercial space flight. A list of pride and prejudice thesis topics for arts subjects is mentioned here for the convenience of the beginners. Death Vengeance Or Forgiveness?. For a proper guidance, avail’s thesis help services. Cultural impact of women daily soap actors Restaging politics under Authoritarianism The reasons of social tensions in definition of organisational 19 th century in Death or Forgiveness? Britain Religious conflict in 19 th century in Britain World war iii in Hollywood Study on and prejudice, Nabovokian textual commentators Reformation kingship in Penaluty: Essay the Bible Marxist analysis of Authoritarian government Critical analysis of Freud’s Interpretation of Essay Influence on Michael Jackson dreams The relation between feminism and Death Vengeance or Forgiveness? Marxism Internet memes- a micro representation of hegemonic culture Critical analysis of Shakespearean texts Ambiguity in honda language Ambiguity in folk culture Multiculturalism and pop culture The connection between surrealism and Death Vengeance or Forgiveness? Dadaist poetry The effectiveness of Laissez faire education system The significance of historical facts The life style of Elizabethan period The crisis of third world countries Application of structuralism in English literature. This section is meant for the students who are pursuing law courses. Honda. Have a quick look at this provided list and contact us for selecting the most effective topic. Homicide reform Problematising state interest and public orders Law of omissions liability International criminal law Basic purpose of commercial law Law on arbitration system Corporate manslaughter. Thesis Writing Topics for Business Management.

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12 citations proverbes sur le tango et la danse. Death Penaluty: Vengeance Essay? 1 - Le tango, c#39;est l#39;expression verticale d#39;un désir horizontal. Of Organisational Behaviour? 2 - 10 minutes pour apprendre une figure, dix ans pour apprendre à marcher. Death Or Forgiveness?? Nota bene - Auteurs inconnus ou anonymes, citations transmises par le bouche à oreille dans nos milongas françaises; la milonga étant le nom qu#39;on donne au bal du tango argentin) Beaux proverbes autour de la danse et de la marche. Sang Rush Hour? 7 - Rien ne sert de courir, il faut partir à point (Jean de la Fontaine) Citations d#39;auteurs, de personnages publics et personnalités célèbres, extraits choisis et pertinents de grandes oeuvres, voici mes pages et articles littéraires : Des citations, quoi de neuf? - récréation - répliques drôles, sentences coquines - des réflexions de blonde, carrément au féminin - sexo-citations , de la sexualité et des amours entre le sexe fort et le beau sexe - l#39;amour sous toutes les coutures dans la chanson française: La Nouvelle Créature Tanguera. Death Vengeance Or Forgiveness? Essay? élection Miss Ocytocine 2017. Length? Citations, éléments biographiques et autres annotations autour d#39;un prénom: Frédéric Mistral, Friedrich Nietzsche, Fred Astaire, Freddie Mercury: De beaux passages, des intrigues, des complots, de l#39;amour et des mystères dans les pages précieuses d#39;une femme de lettres et du bal qui reçoit dans son boudoir philologique: Je suis blonde, donc je pense - les nouvelles lectures d#39;une lolita tanguera amusante et délurée (Simone de Beauvoir, Eckhart Tolle, l#39;Evangile de Jean): des hormones et un mari. Or Forgiveness?? Quelques définitions à propos du tango argentin, L#39;organisation corporelle dynamique (notion de bio-mécanique) L#39;organisation corporelle (schéma dynamique du corps) consiste à prendre conscience des qualités physiques et naturelles de son corps : ré-alignement vertical de ses centres de gravité (bassin, ceinture scapulaire, tête), principe actif et puissant de la jambe d#39;appui, qui assure la connexion avec la terre et le partenaire, les qualités de souplesse, d#39;équilibre, d#39;agilité, et enfin le travail des muscles internes qui font de notre colonne vertébrale un arbre de vie qui s#39;enracine dans l#39;expérience vivifiante de la danse à deux. Essay On James Influence? Danser c#39;est avant tout marcher.

Marcher en couple, découvrir que chacun, le cavalier ou la personne qui guide (leader dancer) comme la danseuse ou la personne qui est guidée (follower dancer), est parfaitement autonome et gère son équilibre, ainsi que sa propre force motrice. Or Forgiveness?? La connexion, le guidage, l#39;abrazo (embrace en anglais, l#39;étreinte, l#39;enlacement du couple de danse), deviennent alors un jeu de découverte dans la passion de la danse sociale. Nous apprenons à faire bon usage de notre jambe d#39;appui comme de notre jambe libre (pierna libre), en adaptant la sortie de jambe selon l#39;énergie de la connexion au sol et à sa/son partenaire de tango. Essay About Behavior: The Proposal? Pourquoi faire compliqué quand la magie vient de la marche? Les figures de danse sont comme des incidents : elles sont apparues à la suite de pertes d#39;équilibre, de manque de connexion, pendant l#39;expérimentation ou le bal, et l#39;on s#39;en sert aujourd#39;hui comme outils d#39;apprentissage et moyens de rendre spectaculaire un art qui pourtant célèbre la simplicité et la magie d#39;une marche en musique et à deux, le tango étant une danse d#39;improvisation. Or Forgiveness? Essay? qui ne s#39;improvise pas! D#39;abord l#39;écoute de la musique. Definition Behaviour? Avec le corps. Death Penaluty: Vengeance Or Forgiveness?? La marche permet d#39;explorer les bases rythmiques ( compas en argentin) d#39;un tango, d#39;une valse argentine, d#39;une milonga (genre musical issu du candombe, qui prend des tournures parfois de habanera ou de fox trot), ou d#39;un canyengue, et cela est tout aussi valable quand on about Behavior:, danse le boogie, le fox trot, la salsa cubaine ou la valse viennoise, par exemple, où derrière le pas de base, il nous faut garder à l#39;esprit cette notion essentielle de la marche, marche primitive, et de faire descendre dans le ventre, les pieds, toute notre intention, notre affirmation, notre joie et notre spiritualité vivante: le pas de base est un piétinement, l#39;art de se tenir debout, de s#39;enraciner tel un arbre, tout en célébrant l#39;élégance ( elegancia en argentin) de nous mouvoir, de déployer les ailes de notre coeur, comme l#39;oiseau libre dans son ciel. La musique nous permet ce double élan alors de nous enfoncer dans la terre, de reprendre contact avec Gaïa, et de nous redresser, de nous élever parmi les cimes les plus hautes de nos espérances. Penaluty: Or Forgiveness? Essay? L#39;interprétation musicale viendra en permettant à chaque danseur et danseuse d#39;exprimer sa personnalité: dans un bal bondé, on and prejudice, privilégie une danse plus intimiste, avec des petits pas (caminada), dans un abrazo serré (abrazo cerrado, voire cerrado exagerado). Penaluty: Or Forgiveness?? Lorsque la milonga est fluide, que le bal tourne fidèlement sur la cadence d#39;un tango, d#39;une valse argentine ou d#39;une milonga, alors on honda, allonge le pas.

Avec de l#39;espace, le couple a le loisir de faire des figures - je préfère dire: des mouvements et enchaînements de mouvements plus élaborés, plus expressifs, sans forcément être spectaculaires, qui ouvrent l#39;abrazo: on or Forgiveness? Essay, parlera alors de tango ouvert, ou tango nuevo (neotango), ou simplement de tango libre. Essay On Michael Jackson? Danser le tango nuevo est généralement associé au fait de danser sur de l#39;électro-tango, de la musique alternative, ou même de la musique classique, voire encore sur Astor Piazzolla dont l#39;oeuvre musicale était d#39;ailleurs classée nuevo tango. Death Essay? Mais rien n#39;empêche de se mettre dans un abrazo ouvert sur un Di Sarli, un D#39;Arienzo, un tango de l#39;âge d#39;or (années 30-40). Definition Behaviour? En conclusion: ne pas confondre le tango nuevo en tant que musique et le tango nuevo en tant que danse. Vengeance Or Forgiveness? Essay? Remarque: les débutants apprennent d#39;abord en ouvert!

L#39;abrazo semi-ouvert (dit encore tango Compas y elegancia, école Villa Urquiza, pour exemple notoire) existe, il serait plutôt le juste milieu des deux extrêmes, bien que la majorité des danseurs de tango semblerait se prononcer plus favorablement pour l#39;étreinte tendre, l#39;enlacement collé-serré, coeur à coeur, ou comme on sang rush hour, dit encore: pecho-pecho ! C#39;est peut-être ici que se trouve notre thérapie et notre addiction au tango: le câlin du milonguero! Avignon, septembre 2013. Penaluty: Vengeance? mecanismes d'une connexion limpide et d'un guidage precis.

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Nov 17, 2017 Death Penaluty: Vengeance or Forgiveness? Essay,

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Custom Transparency in Lever House and Seagram Buildings essay paper. Both Lever House and Seagram buildings are the works of Death Penaluty: Vengeance or Forgiveness?, highly polished architecture. They have been used as prototypes for other skyscrapers in New York City. This essay analyses their site, volumetric and curtain wall designs. The essay then equates it to the theory of transparency, as amplified in Transparency: Literal vs. Phenomenal (Collin Rowe and Robert Slutzky). Gordon Bunshaft designed the Lever House. Brown's Influence! The ingenuity with which he used glass for ceiling wall is Vengeance or Forgiveness?, looked at from the point of view of transparency. The same approach is applied to Mies Ban der Rohe, the architect of Seagram Building.

Mies used modern architectural concepts at about The Proposal, the time when his peers were divided over the best approach. Transparency theory has two dimensions actual and conceptual, both of which are elaborated on in the essay. Keywords: Transparency, Lever House, Seagram Building, Curtain wall. Transparency in Lever House and Death Vengeance or Forgiveness? Essay, Seagram Buildings. Colin Rowe and pride, Robert Slutzky have put a lot of effort in order to define what the transparency is. From the essay “Transparency: Literal and Phenomenal”, the two aspects are described in detail. Their work lays apart the intellectual understanding of the word and its application in architecture.

In a nutshell, transparency means the quality of being pervious to either light or air. Intellectually, it refers to something which is evident or clear. Literal transparency can be attributed to the matter or substance. On the other hand, phenomenal transparency is a concept or quality that exists in a work of art. Rowe and Slutzky describe it “. as a condition to Vengeance or Forgiveness? Essay, be discovered in a work of art. ” Gyorgy Kepes’ definition of transparency is quoted as follows: If one sees two or more figures overlapping one another, and each of them claims for itself the fahrenheit 911 analysis, common overlapped part, then one is confronted with a contradiction of spatial dimensions. To resolve this contradiction, one must assume the presence of a new optical quality. The figures are endowed with transparency; that is why they are able to interpenetrate without an optical destruction of each other. Penaluty: Vengeance! Transparency, however, implies more than an optical characteristic, it implies a broader spatial order.

Transparency means a simultaneous perception of different spatial locations. Space not only recedes, but fluctuates in a continuous activity. The position of the transparent figures has equivocal meaning, as one sees each figure now as the closer one (1) . (Kepes, 1982, quoted in. Rowe Slutzky, 1982). This means that transparency is brought about by the figures that overlap one another with the overall effect of receding continuously. As a result, there is ambiguity.

What was once transparent ceases to exist. One can, therefore, conclude that literary transparency has more to do with what the eye can see. On the flipside, phenomenal transparency is Essay Brown's on Michael Jackson, a concept. Once the eye perceives, the Death Penaluty: Essay, mind interprets. This can further be reiterated by considering that literal transparency involves substance, an actual thing that can be seen.

Phenomenal transparency arises out of the abstract. Sol Le Witt defines the two aspects as art that is aimed for the sensation of the eye primarily called perceptual instead of definition behaviour, conceptual.” Le Witt further states that the conceptual art is made more to engage the mind and thoughts of the Penaluty: Vengeance Essay, viewer, instead of his emotions or eye.” The theory of transparency is widely used in the field of architecture in fahrenheit 911 analysis the design of buildings and or Forgiveness?, other projects. An alumnus of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Gordon Bunshaft designed buildings based on the contemporary American Architecture. His work laid a lot of emphasis on furnishing, interior details and 911 analysis, artwork. Death Penaluty: Vengeance Or Forgiveness?! He steered clear of 911 analysis, fashion, choosing instead to stick with conservative designs. The Lever House is one of his signature designs. It consists of the two rectangular blocks enclosed in a stainless steel and glass wall. The building spans 20 stories though it was considered small according to standards prevailing in New York at Vengeance, the time. The main tower stands atop the Essay about Management and Organizational, horizontal podiums, which are detached from the Essay, ground.

The podium is supported by piloti. Essay On James On Michael! On the Vengeance Essay, ground, there is a courtyard with a roofed terrace. Both the tower and definition of organisational behaviour, podiums are structured in a way that they are concealed by Death Vengeance or Forgiveness? a façade, made of glass. Gordon Bunshaft employed transparency by using the glass and thin skin to fahrenheit, keep the building’s structure from Vengeance direct view. The overall effect to length, a viewer is that the building floats easily, as if there were no structure. Death Vengeance Or Forgiveness? Essay! To achieve this, Bunshaft’s design had to use structural accommodation that saw the core placed in the back. It was purely for Management and Organizational aesthetic purposes, though he had to Penaluty: or Forgiveness? Essay, adjust the structure to enable the towering building withstand the strong wind forces. This is what Rowe and Essay Influence Jackson, Slutzky allured to when they wrote that the or Forgiveness? Essay, transparent superimpositions’ quality often suggested the transparency of the context as well, and fahrenheit 911 analysis, revealed the unnoticed structural qualities in Penaluty: the object' (3).” (Moholy-Nagy, 1982; quoted in hero honda bikes Rowe Slutzky, 1982).

Lever Arch’s enveloping design uses glass of varying sizes held by ‘mullions’ hanging from its main structure. The mullions are made of stainless steel. They are placed flush with the different glass panes in order to seal the envelope. The entire curtain wall has no windows that can be opened. Such a curtain wall design ensures that there is a reduced noise and minimal penetration of dust particles. Vengeance Or Forgiveness? Essay! However, volumetrically speaking, apart from the practical advantages of sealing the building totally, Bunshaft attained an aesthetic value. In areas that were more transparent, he used light-blue, green-colored glass. Apart from its ethereal and aesthetic qualities, it also absorbs heat.

For the sang rush hour, external surface consistency, wire glass panes were used to glaze spandrels underneath all windows. The entire framework made of Penaluty: Vengeance or Forgiveness? Essay, stainless steel is held secure by rivets. It is rigid enough for sudden temperature changes, wind, corrosion, and structural movements. Following in the architectural success of the Lever House design is the Seagram Building, designed by Mies Ban der Rohe. Among its significant features is a curtain wall tower, which bears resemblance to that of Lever House. Towering at 516 feet, Seagram’s elevator core is at the back. Mies uses the sang rush hour, “whisky brown” glass with tint. It is alternated with plating made of bronze. Its curtain wall is purely glass, making it the first building at the time to have the floor to ceiling windows. The proportions are elegant in relation to the size. From the street, it sets back 90 feet.

While sideways, this building sets back some 30 feet. Essay! The tinted glass and honda, bronze beams attached to mullions gives Seagram Building an external character. This conceals the building’s vertical structure. Vengeance! Carter Wiseman in Shaping a Nation, 1988, stated that his main goal was “ the stiffening of the each bay’s frame, but even more important was to create a surface texture that could relieve the potential monotony of the smooth facade, when emphasizing the vertical position of the overall form.” The plaza, against which the building is juxtaposed, has two fountains and seats made of granite. By going against the conventional theories of skyscraper constructions, Mies created a threshold that led users to the building’s entrance. Structurally, Seagram Building is framed in steel and curtained in tinted glass. I-beams, mullions and pride and prejudice length, spandrels were used as the modulation elements of the glass curtain. Travertine is used to line its walls and the elevator panels. Mies designed this building bearing in mind that the owners were liquor manufacturers, hence the bronze colored glass. He succeeded in creating an aesthetic structure, though some critics, feeling that had he used the or Forgiveness? Essay, bronze-colored flat plane glass, thought it would have mirrored a whiskey bottle’s appearance.

By using the overlapping glass material, he attained the Essay about Management The Proposal, perceptual transparency. Just like Bunshaft’s Lever House, Seagram Building’s structure lies beneath its skin. To avoid any structural allusions, Mies attached mullions vertically on the building’s exterior. At its corners, the skin pulls back, so that columns project out. Thus, one does not see the column, but material surrounding it, which is fireproof.

Mies worked at a time when there were different schools of thought on the right architectural style for modern skyscrapers. His design and style defied them all. The use of Death Vengeance, materials, such as granite and marble to honda bikes, decorate the plaza below, the fountains and low boundary were ironically criticized by pundits. They argued that this was based on illusionism and that Mies’ choice of style, form and function were not an honest expression. Joseph Cornell, the American surreal artist, once said about his work: “Everything can be used, but of course one doesn’t know it at the time.

How does one know what a certain object will tell another?” He was well known for turning discarded materials into impressive pieces of art. Cornell juxtaposed images in glass casings, resulting in artwork that had more than one meaning. Cornell Bunshaft and Mies defied the Death or Forgiveness?, odds and honda, created designs whose appearance was more or less surreal. By looking at the Lever House, the initial impression is that it is a glass house. Essay! Yet beneath the glass layer is a structure. The two buildings are typical transformations of the transparency theory, as depicted by Rowe and Slutzky.

When Mies was working on the Seagram Building, authorities in New York had passed laws on zoning. These required that property owners erect buildings that did not cast shadows on the people below. Architects had to come up with designs where the buildings would appear to recede in the background. This was reflected in the work of Bunshaft, where he used tinted glass, just as Mies did. One cannot mention transparency without thinking about the different aspects of glass. Prior to fahrenheit, the creations of Bunshaft and Death Penaluty: Vengeance or Forgiveness?, Mies, architects tended to shy away from experimenting with glass. Modern architects use glazed glass a lot more often than their traditional colleagues. It aids in allowing for more natural light, creating glare on the outside, gaining or reducing heat. Using glass in its plain form is a simple process. This is because of its diverse qualities such as letting in light, heat, and having little thermal insulation.

It does not screen ultra violet rays and behaviour, leads to fading of curtains. Due to these shortfalls, designers had to come up with ways of Death Penaluty: Vengeance or Forgiveness? Essay, taming such “harmful” effects. Hero Honda Bikes! As a result, glazing and shading came into being. Another challenge that emanates from the use of glass is attributed to an architect’s desire to connect a building’s outside environment with what is inside. Apart from creating an impression on the kind of business the building owners were associated with, Mies was able to kill two birds with one stone. He seized the moment by making use of glass to control light, reflect UV rays away, and trap heat that would otherwise have been lost. Bunshaft was probably thinking along these lines and achieved the desired result. A casual observer cannot detect such coatings. Bunshaft and Death Penaluty: Vengeance or Forgiveness?, Mies can, therefore, be credited with opening the way for designers to use glass, either plainly or glazed, without losing a building’s aesthetic beauty.

In all the industries that thrived in the 19 th century, glass manufacture was considered the last to attain mechanization. This was as a result of its highly demanding nature. Of Organisational Behaviour! A high level of judgment coupled with manual skill was needed. Before mechanization, sheets of glass had to be blown by Vengeance or Forgiveness? Essay hand into long cylinders. They were then split and flattened manually.

As a result, this limited the size that could be obtained for construction. The reality of this can be understood by looking at about Management Behavior:, the task that lay ahead during the construction of Crystal Palace. Charles Dickens wrote, “ The glass maker promised to Death Penaluty: Vengeance, supply, in the required time, nine hundred thousand square feet of glass (weighing more than four hundred tons) in separate panes, and these the largest ever made of sheet glass; each being forty nine inches long.” With the developments arising out of the industrial revolution, mechanization of glass industry was finally attained in sang rush hour USA by 1928. Modern architecture owes a lot of gratitude to Death, these technological developments and their creativity. Actually, the automobile industry fuelled the and prejudice length, demand for glass. There was no much activity involving glass in the nineteenth century. Mies and Death Penaluty: Essay, Bunshaft must have been too brave to Brown's Jackson, experiment at a time when the general consensus was that glass ought to have been conservatively used. In the early 1950’s, most buildings had clear glazings. This transmitted 80-90% of radiation.

The glazing consisted of a single glass layer with an approximate R value of 1. To counter the effect of cold climatic conditions, another layer of clear glass was then applied on the outer part of Death Penaluty: Vengeance, a building. Did Bunshaft overcome the conception that literal or perceptual transparency was difficult to attain? The answer is yes. To the naked eye, a clear glass pane reveals too much and about and Organizational, lets in a lot of light. Occupants of Death Penaluty: or Forgiveness? Essay, such buildings are faced with the task of installing curtains. The curtains have to be drawn and pulled back every now and then. Sang Rush Hour! Through the use of double glaze and stained glass, he gave the Lever House a virtual gown. In the end, perceptual transparency was achieved. He managed to separate the outside environment from the Death Vengeance Essay, inside in a perfect way, much to the amazement of his critics. Riding on the acclaims Lever House received, this was what prompted Mies to use the same approach when designing the Seagram Building. He worked with a concept that had been previously tried, tested, and found to be workable.

Today, one will hardly come across a skyscraper in New York or other major city where glass has not been creatively used. Other buildings where glazed glass was used to create a curtain wall include the Hallidee Building in San Francisco and the Barcelona Pavillion in Barcelona, Spain. However, Lever House is the only one credited with being the first skyscraper to make use of tinted glass for environmental control. Bunshaft inspired other architects through his striking design of sang rush hour, Lever House. Even top critics agreed that what was hitherto thought to Death Penaluty: Vengeance, be a daunting task had at last been cracked. Hence, the boldness with which Mies applied this concept in designing the Seagram Building attests to this. It was not until the sang rush hour, 20 th Century that glass was accepted as a major component in or Forgiveness? Essay the construction of tall buildings.

Traditional buildings consist of a large proportion of solid material and less of behaviour, glass. Or Forgiveness? Essay! As a result, it was difficult to fahrenheit 911 analysis, attain perceptual transparency created through glass panes. After the industrial revolution, the Penaluty: Vengeance or Forgiveness? Essay, construction industry witnessed reduced solid masonry and increased use of Essay Management The Proposal, glass. Vengeance Or Forgiveness?! Changes in technology practically gifted designers with enhanced creativity. Painters, unlike architects, were able to bring out the concept of literal or phenomenal transparency with ease.

An architect cannot suppress transparency, whereas a painter can move from sang rush hour one to the other. In Transparency: Literal vs. Phenomenal , Rowe and Slutzky reiterate the fact, Literal transparency. tends to be associated with the trompe I'oeil effect of a translucent object in a deep, naturalistic space; while phenomenal transparency seems to Death Penaluty: or Forgiveness?, be found when a painter seeks the articulated presentation of frontally displayed objects in a shallow, abstracted space. (48) Photographs taken in the 1950s reveal the contrast brought about by Essay on James use of glass.

By comparing the Lever House and other surrounding buildings on Park Avenue during this time, one could tell the Vengeance or Forgiveness? Essay, difference between the glazed curtain wall in Bunshaft’s masterpiece and pride, the 19 th - 20 th century buildings. The other buildings are full of solid masonry, while Lever House stands out as a glass house. Bunshaft’s building uses glass juxtaposed with steel, compared to the small window openings of the adjacent buildings. The way the tower is placed further enhances the contrast. A large space next to the glazed façade has the effect of allowing sufficient light to reach all the building floors. Phenomenal transparency is achieved by assessing how the human eye perceives the Death Penaluty: Vengeance Essay, building during the day and at night. The previously hidden interior décor and architectural finish become visible. Past designers would hide this under wooden frames and masonry walls. As a result, only the sang rush hour, inward expression of a designer is exposed.

Yet, a lot of Death Penaluty: Vengeance Essay, people appreciate the building’s aesthetic beauty from its outward appearance. By using glass so vividly, Bunshaft ensured that the Essay on James Influence Jackson, entire expression of his architectural and creativity skills came out in the open. Commonly referred to as Mies by or Forgiveness? Essay his peers, writers and students, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe is another widely acclaimed architect. Like the architects of his time, Mies wanted to create a different style that represented modernity. Essay On Michael Jackson! He was regarded as a pioneer of modern architecture together with others, like Le Corbusier and Walter Gropius. His style involved the use of materials like steel and glass plate to define the interior space. He fondly referred to Death Vengeance, his buildings as “skin and bones architecture.” He is known for the aphorisms “God is in pride length the details” and “less is more”. Like his peers, Mies was inspired by the continuous attack on traditional building styles. Critics of modernism argued that traditional designs were restraining modern technology from being manifested. By setting up the Death Penaluty:, Seagram tower away from the property boundary, Mies was able to sneak in a fountain and forecourt.

Today, the style is adopted in many urban skyscrapers. By so doing, Mies achieved literal transparency by definition having a tall tower with an open space at the ground level. This served to Death Penaluty:, enhance the hero honda, building’s presence. It is sad that few architects could continue his legacy. As a result, his Modernism theory died with him.

However, Seagram building continues to serve as a leaning point for many upcoming designers. If the building is observed from the window of an adjacent building, a keen observer can spot its massive wall of glass. The neighboring Empire State building, for instance, cannot be said to be transparent. Vengeance! Mies was able to Essay Behavior: The Proposal, create an architectural ornament rather than a piece of art. It could be described as a “building dressed in a suit.” Literal transparency as defined by Death Rowe and Slutzky refers to the ability of one to see through or into a building. This is why Seagram building is an example of how architects can attain this quality. Mies designed it using a glass wall to act as the building’s skin. Had he been an 18 th century designer, probably he could have used a solid concrete wall.

The entire wall acts as the window through which a building can be seen. His predecessor, Bunshaft applied the same concept, though for a different purpose. Definition Of Organisational Behaviour! Both attained transparency in unique ways. Phenomenal transparency, as used by Rowe and Slutzky, refers to the space between solid objects, as is Death or Forgiveness? Essay, found in paintings. As it can be noted elsewhere in this paper, such transparency is difficult to discuss architecturally.

It describes readability within a building. Pride And Prejudice Length! That is to say that a designer’s concept can be gauged from a building’s shape. This means that a modern architectural design does not require any interpretations. Death Vengeance Essay! The meaning is clear and anyone can see it. By looking at the work itself, one can arrive at a conclusion. Regardless of the debate, there are two exceptional architects whose designs remain awe-inspiring. Their quest to challenge the status quo gave rise to some of the most fundamental architectural concepts. In a literal sense, a transparent material is that which transmits light, thus enabling the eye to see. From an architectural point of view, it translates to designers using glass as the main material and other minor materials like crystals and lattice screens. The other meaning is the ability to make an sang rush hour interior and or Forgiveness?, exterior space appear continuous. In other words, this is also called literal transparency.

According to Mies, transparency was meant to make elements of architecture clearer and easily perceivable. Length! He wrote: The glass skin, the glass walls alone permit the skeleton structure its unambiguous constructive appearance and secure its architectonic possibilities. () Now it becomes clear again what a wall is, what an opening, what is Death Penaluty: Vengeance or Forgiveness? Essay, floor and what is ceiling. Simplicity of construction, clarity of tectonic means, and purity of material reflect the luminosity of original beauty. 911 Analysis! (Mies, quoted in Roest, 2008). From an architectural point of view, literal transparency is achievable, while phenomenal transparency is difficult to attain. Generally, transparency is associated with the Death Penaluty: Vengeance or Forgiveness? Essay, aspect of materials. For example, the quality of glass to and Organizational Behavior: The Proposal, be either transparent or opaque makes it a unique choice for a designer. Gyorgy Kepes considers transparency to be found in plastics and glass. Death Penaluty: Vengeance Essay! He states that this state is Essay on James Brown's Influence on Michael Jackson, only achievable through a haphazard superimposition of these materials. Siegfried Giedion has a similar perception. He contends, “the presence of an all glass wall at the Bauhaus permits 'the hovering relations of planes and the kind of 'overlapping' which appears in contemporary painting'” (Giedion, 1982, quoted in Rowe Slutzky, 1982).

It is interesting to note how architects have to balance between creating real transparency and virtual transparency. They have to inculcate the concept into reality, something they have achieved with considerable success. When a layman visualizes a transparent pane of glass, receding columns and tinted windowpanes, the designer appears to have achieved the intended purpose. This can be said to be the case in both Lever House and Seagram buildings, respectively. Vengeance Essay! It can be concluded that the term transparency is deeper than one could imagine. Architectural students use transparency to describe a building’s material condition “literally.” The way people read and Essay on James Brown's Influence on Michael, interpret a design is what becomes phenomenal. Penaluty: Or Forgiveness?! An architect takes into consideration many factors when faced with a challenging project. Materials to be used, size of the land, topography and Essay Management and Organizational, the wishes of the soon to be constructed building are some of them. The above discussion on literal and phenomenal transparency should not be used as a litmus test for architectural perfection. Or Forgiveness? Essay! Neither is it intended to act as a guideline on architectural concepts. All the same, it helps fuel debate.

Every designer must identify ways to on James, express the concept behind what they create. Magnificent architectural structures not only reflect creativity, they should also be used as symbols of Death, culture and hero, learning. Neomodernism has taken over Penaluty: Vengeance Essay from where the likes of Mies and definition of organisational behaviour, Bunshaft had propelled the dynamic world of architecture and Death Vengeance Essay, structural design. The Proposal! Glass will for a long time remain one of the most sought after materials. One thing is or Forgiveness? Essay, certain though, transparency maintains a top position as a concept worth utilizing in modern designs.

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President Obama's farewell speech - live updates. Last Updated Jan 10, 2017 9:57 PM EST. CBS News’ Emily Schultheis, Jillian Hughes and Charlie Brooks contributed to this live blog. 9:55 p.m. ET Mr. Obama concluded by Death Essay, quoting the slogan for on Michael, his first campaign, “Yes We Can.” “I am asking you to hold fast to that faith written into our founding documents, that idea whispered by Penaluty: or Forgiveness? Essay, slaves and abolitionists, that spirit sung by immigrants and homesteaders and those who marched for justice, that creed reaffirmed by those who planted flags from foreign battlefields to hero the surface of the moon, a creed at the core of every American whose story is not yet written,” he said. “Yes we can. Death Penaluty: Essay? Yes we did.

Yes we can.” 9:52 p.m. ET Thanking his staff and the legions of volunteers who helped his 2008 and 2012 campaigns, Mr. Obama said: “You did change the world.” “To all of you out there every organizer who moved to 911 analysis an unfamiliar town and kind family who welcomed them in, every volunteer who knocked on doors, every young person who cast a ballot for the first time, every American who lived and breathed the hard work of change you are the best supporters and organizers anybody could hope for, and I will be forever grateful,” he said. “Because you did change the world. You did.” 9:50 p.m. Vengeance Or Forgiveness? Essay? ET Mr. Fahrenheit? Obama next thanked Vice President Joe Biden, saying he has become like a “brother” to him. Biden, “the scrappy kid from Death Vengeance, Scranton who became Delaware’s favorite son: you were the first decision I made as a nominee, and it was the best,” he said. “Not just because you have been a great Vice President, but because in the bargain, I gained a brother.”

9:47 p.m. ET Wiping back tears, Mr. Obama thanked his wife and two daughters. “For the Brown's on Michael Jackson past twenty-five years, you have been not only my wife and Vengeance, mother of my children, you have been my best friend,” he said to Michelle Obama, sitting in the audience. “You took on a role you didn’t ask for and made it your own with grace and sang rush hour, with grit and Vengeance Essay, with style and with humor. You made the White House a place that belongs to of organisational everybody. And a new generation sets its sights higher because it has you as a role model.”

To his daughters, Sasha and Malia, Mr. Obama said he has watched them become “amazing young women.” “Malia and Sasha, under the Death Penaluty: or Forgiveness? strangest of circumstances, you have become two amazing young women, smart and beautiful, but more importantly, kind and thoughtful and fahrenheit 911 analysis, full of passion,” he said. “You wore the burden of years in the spotlight so easily. Of all that I’ve done in Penaluty: Essay, my life, I’m most proud to be your dad.” 9:43 p.m. ET Mr. Obama said the length most important title in Death Vengeance Essay, a democracy is about Behavior:, that of a “citizen” -- and laid a blueprint for how people can continue to be involved in safeguarding American democracy. “If you’re tired of arguing with strangers on the internet, try talking with one of them in real life,” he said. “If something needs fixing, then lace up your shoes and do some organizing. If you’re disappointed by your elected officials, grab a clipboard, get some signatures, and Death or Forgiveness? Essay, run for fahrenheit 911 analysis, office yourself. Show up. Dive in.

Persevere.” He acknowledged there are ups and downs for those involved in politics and the business of democracy. “Sometimes you’ll win. Sometimes you’ll lose. Presuming a reservoir of goodness in others can be a risk, and there will be times when the Penaluty: or Forgiveness? Essay process will disappoint you,” he said. 911 Analysis? “But for Penaluty: or Forgiveness?, those of us fortunate enough to have been a part of this work, to see it up close, let me tell you, it can energize and inspire. Sang Rush Hour? And more often than not, your faith in America and in Death, Americans will be confirmed. About Management? Mine sure has been.” 9:38 p.m. ET Americans cannot and should not take democracy for granted, Mr. Death Or Forgiveness?? Obama said. “Our democracy is threatened whenever we take it for granted,” he said. “All of us, regardless of party, should throw ourselves into the task of rebuilding our democratic institutions.”

Among the pride and prejudice length issues he raised were expanding voting rights, increasing transparency in government and reversing electoral gerrymandering that’s contributed to increasing polarization in Congress. 9:36 p.m. ET Mr. Obama said democracy is most challenged when people “give in to fear,” urging the country to avoid “a weakening of the values that make us who we are.” “That’s why, for the past eight years, I’ve worked to put the fight against terrorism on a firmer legal footing,” he said. “That’s why we’ve ended torture, worked to close Gitmo, and Penaluty: Essay, reform our laws governing surveillance to protect privacy and civil liberties.” “That’s why I reject discrimination against Muslim Americans,” he continued, to applause. “That’s why we cannot withdraw from big global fights to fahrenheit expand democracy, and human rights, and Death Penaluty: Vengeance or Forgiveness?, women’s rights, and LGBT rights no matter how imperfect our efforts, no matter how expedient ignoring such values may seem. That’s part of defending America. For the fight against extremism and intolerance and pride, sectarianism and Penaluty: Vengeance Essay, chauvinism are of a piece with the fight against authoritarianism and nationalist aggression.” 9:33 p.m . ET Next, Mr. Sang Rush Hour? Obama turned to the issue of terrorism -- both at home and abroad. “Because of the extraordinary courage of our men and women in Vengeance or Forgiveness?, uniform, and the intelligence officers, law enforcement, and diplomats who support them, no foreign terrorist organization has successfully planned and executed an hero bikes, attack on our homeland these past eight years,” he said. “And although Boston and Orlando remind us of how dangerous radicalization can be, our law enforcement agencies are more effective and vigilant than ever.

We’ve taken out tens of Penaluty:, thousands of terrorists including Osama bin Laden. “The global coalition we’re leading against ISIL has taken out sang rush hour, their leaders, and taken away about half their territory,” he continued. “ISIL will be destroyed, and Death Penaluty: or Forgiveness?, no one who threatens America will ever be safe.” 9:31 p.m. ET Nodding to the issue of climate change -- on which Mr. Trump is and prejudice, a self-described skeptic -- Mr. Obama said it is Death Penaluty: or Forgiveness?, essential that the U.S. continue its progress. “In just eight years, we’ve halved our dependence on sang rush hour foreign oil, doubled our renewable energy, and led the world to an agreement that has the promise to save this planet,” he said. “But without bolder action, our children won’t have time to debate the Vengeance Essay existence of climate change; they’ll be busy dealing with its effects: environmental disasters, economic disruptions, and waves of climate refugees seeking sanctuary.”

Pretending the problem doesn’t exist “not only honda bikes betrays future generations, it betrays the essential spirit of this country,” Mr. Obama continued. 9:28 p.m. ET Mr. Obama urged people to find ways to keep from “talking past each other.” “Isn’t that part of what so often makes politics so dispiriting?” he asked. “How can elected officials rage about deficits when we propose to spend money on preschool for kids, but not when we’re cutting taxes for corporations? How do we excuse ethical lapses in our own party, but pounce when the other party does the same thing? “It’s not just dishonest, this selective sorting of the facts; it’s self-defeating,” he continued. “Because as my mom used to tell me, reality has a way of Death Penaluty: Vengeance Essay, catching up with you.”

9:26 p.m. ET Another threat to definition of organisational American democracy, Mr. Death Or Forgiveness? Essay? Obama said, is people’s collective retreat into pride their own “bubbles.” “The rise of naked partisanship, increasing economic and regional stratification, the or Forgiveness? splintering of our media into a channel for every taste all this makes this great sorting seem natural, even inevitable,” he said. “And increasingly, we become so secure in our bubbles that we accept only fahrenheit information, whether true or not, that fits our opinions, instead of Penaluty: Essay, basing our opinions on the evidence that’s out sang rush hour, there.” 9:23 p.m. ET Mr. Obama also spoke about the racial tensions still plaguing the country, which have been put on display in recent months with clashes between the or Forgiveness? police and the African American community. “After my election, there was talk of a post-racial America,” he said. “Such a vision, however well-intended, was never realistic.

For race remains a potent and often divisive force in our society.” While progress has been made, he continued, “we’re not where we need to fahrenheit 911 analysis be.” “All of Death Penaluty: Vengeance or Forgiveness?, us have more work to pride do,” Mr. Obama said. “After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hardworking white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves.” 9:21 p.m. ET As congressional Republicans debate their options for Death Penaluty: or Forgiveness? Essay, repealing and Brown's on Michael Jackson, replacing the Death Vengeance or Forgiveness? Essay Affordable Care Act, Mr.

Obama noted the progress that’s been made on health care -- and fahrenheit 911 analysis, challenged Republicans to come up with something better. “Health care costs are rising at the slowest rate in fifty years,” he said. Death Penaluty:? “And if anyone can put together a plan that is demonstrably better than the improvements we’ve made to our health care system that covers as many people at less cost I will publicly support it.” 9:19 p.m. ET Mr. On James Influence Jackson? Obama framed his remarks as a look at the “state of our democracy,” outlining the challenges the country will face going forward. “A shrinking world, growing inequality; demographic change and the specter of terrorism these forces haven’t just tested our security and prosperity, but they’re testing our democracy as well,” he said. “And how we meet these challenges to our democracy will determine our ability to educate our kids, and create good jobs, and protect our homeland.” 9:14 p.m. ET Acknowledging the tradition of a peaceful transition of Penaluty:, power, Mr.

Obama said he had assured President-elect Donald Trump that there would be a smooth transition. “In ten days, the world will witness a hallmark of our democracy: the peaceful transfer of power from one freely-elected president to sang rush hour the next,” he said, to boos from the audience. “I committed to Death President-Elect Trump that my administration would ensure the smoothest possible transition, just as President Bush did for definition behaviour, me.” 9:13 p.m. ET In a nod to Penaluty: or Forgiveness? Essay his legacy, Mr. Obama said the U.S. is “a better, stronger place” than it was when he took office. “If I had told you eight years ago that America would reverse a great recession, reboot our auto industry, and unleash the longest stretch of job creation in our historyif I had told you that we would open up a new chapter with the Cuban people, shut down Iran’s nuclear weapons program without firing a shot, and take out the pride mastermind of 9/11if I had told you that we would win marriage equality, and secure the Vengeance right to health insurance for Essay Jackson, another 20 million of our fellow citizens you might have said our sights were set a little too high,” he said. “But that’s what we did. That’s what you did.”

9:09 p.m. Penaluty: Or Forgiveness? Essay? ET Mr. Obama acknowledged democracy is not always easy, and sang rush hour, said progress is sometimes “uneven.” “Yes, our progress has been uneven,” he said. “The work of democracy has always been hard, contentious and sometimes bloody. For every two steps forward, it often feels we take one step back. But the long sweep of America has been defined by forward motion, a constant widening of our founding creed to embrace all, and not just some.” 9:04 p.m ET Mr. Obama was met with loud, sustained cheers when he took the stage. After telling the crowd to quiet down -- “we’re on live TV here, I’ve got to move,” he said -- Mr. Obama quipped: “You can tell that I’m a lame duck because nobody’s following instructions.” 9:02 p.m.

ET President Obama takes the stage at McCormack Place in Chicago. “Hello Chicago,” he said. “It’s good to be home.” 6:35 p.m. ET When he takes the stage tonight, President Obama will talk about how his youth in Chicago helped show him the way to effect real change in Death Penaluty:, the United States, according to speech excerpts released by the White House. “I first came to Chicago when I was in behaviour, my early twenties, still trying to figure out Death Penaluty: Vengeance, who I was; still searching for a purpose to my life,” he will say. “It was in neighborhoods not far from here where I began working with church groups in the shadows of closed steel mills. It was on these streets where I witnessed the power of faith, and sang rush hour, the quiet dignity of working people in Penaluty: Vengeance, the face of struggle and loss.

“This is where I learned that change only happens when ordinary people get involved, get engaged, and come together to demand it,” Mr. Obama will continue. “After eight years as your President, I still believe that. Sang Rush Hour? And it’s not just my belief. It’s the beating heart of our American idea our bold experiment in self-government.” 1 p.m. ET Beginning with George Washington in Death Penaluty: or Forgiveness? Essay, 1796, it is a time-honored tradition for the President of the about Management The Proposal United States to give a farewell address. President Obama will continue that tradition on Tuesday when he speaks in Chicago at McCormack Place at 9 p.m. ET. CBSN coverage of Obama’s farewell speech begins at 7 p.m. ET.

According to Mr. Death Essay? Obama’s chief of staff, Dennis McDonough, he chose Chicago because “this is a place where working on the South Side of definition of organisational behaviour, Chicago and the neighborhoods in the shadows of the abandoned steel mills, as a community organizer with people who had been knocked out of jobs that theretofore had been real paths to Essay the middle class, that he recognized that he had a gift for organizing.” His message to Americans, McDonough told CBS News’ Charlie Rose, is to keep fighting for of organisational, what you believe in. “He had a gift for getting people working together towards the same goal. Death Vengeance Or Forgiveness? Essay? And I think that’s what you’ll hear a lot about from the president tomorrow, the importance of on Michael, sticking together, working together, standing up for what you believe in, and then fighting like hell for it.” In his eight years in Death Essay, office, President Obama left his mark on many different aspects of American life. Vice President Joe Biden and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who was Mr. Obama’s first White House chief of staff, are among the Democratic officials who plan to attend. Mr. Obama’s address also has some heavyweight musical talent in the lineup -- Pearl Jam lead singer Eddie Vedder will be be performing with Voice of Chicago, according to a tweet.

You can watch the behaviour speech at 9 p.m. on CBSN and CBS, among other broadcast and cable news channels. Bannon: McConnell told Trump to back off Drain the Swamp talk. Steve Bannon tells 60 Minutes that Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told Trump to back off his Drain the Swamp talk -- and says the Vengeance GOP establishment is trying to nullify Trump's win. A look at what Melania Trump has done since her husband became president.